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Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover

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Ammonia Remover- 16 Oz
Ammonia Remover- 16 oz
Ammonia Remover- 32 Oz
Ammonia Remover- 32 oz
Ammonia Remover- Gallon
Ammonia Remover- Gallon

MICROBE-LIFT/Ammonia Remover is buffered to help prevent a drop in both alkalinity (acid-neutralizing capacity) and pH when used to remove very high levels of total ammonia.

Test with salicylic sp ammonia test kit. Ammonia Remover binds ammonia and converts it to a non-toxic form (ammonium) which is then removed by the filter.


  • Do not use with permanganate or chlorite-based treatments.
  • Nessler's total ammonia test kits will give false, high (or off-scale) readings.
  • Winkler dissolved oxygen tests will give false, low or zero readings; use indigo-carmine dissolved oxygen tests or DO meters.
  • For total ammonia testing use only salicylate-based (indole-phenol) tests.

Available Sizes

  • 16 oz. (AMRE16) Treats up to 1,440 gals.
  • 32 oz. (AMRE32) Treats up to 2,880 gals.
  • 1 gallon (AMREGAL) Treats up to 11,520 gals.

Non-toxic to humans, pets and aquatic life.

This product is intended for use with all ornamental pond fish. May be used with fishes or aquatic invertebrates intended for human consumption. This is not a medication or economic poison and is not intended for use as such.