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IlluminFx Professional Color Changing Lighting

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Color Select

A simple to use color changing LED light system for use in both residential and commercial applications. Users are able to select from 19 dynamic color change programs or from a bank of 20 static color choices using the RF remote. Illuminate your space with vibrant LED color changing light. A long lasting, simple to install solution with eye catching results!

Spectrum Select

Create unlimited lighting possibilities with illuminfx’s Rio system. At a touch of a button on the E600 controller you can assume full control. Three simultaneous colors can be selected and dynamic scenes created. Full mood design capabilities are at your fingertips: from subtle to sensational, you can be your own lighting designer. with our vDesigner software package.

Easy Set Up

These complete 6 light kits come with everything you need to set up quickly and easily. Simply plug the Control Center into a 120v outlet and use the Quick Connect (QC) cables to plug in the LED lights. Power on the system and you’re ready to enter the world of full Color Select or Spectrum Select technology.