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OASE Nautilus Fountain Pumps

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OASE Nautilus Fountain Pumps are the most complete fountain pump ever offered in our industry. No other Fountain pump can match its performance and features.

  • Integrated flow control
  • Secondary output with integrated flow control to power a small water feature
  • Filter wings that can be raised to greatly increase surface area of pump cage to reduce frequency of pump maintenance
  • Filter wings may be detached from pump to power remote intake to move maintenance and pump flow control to pond edge for easy access
  • Pump includes fountain nozzle(s) and extension
  • Fountain nozzle and extension can be adjusted to allow for uneven pond bottom
  • Easy pond light mount attachment to make illuminating fountain display easy with Lunaqua 3 and Lunaqua 10 lights
  • Includes all necessary hose adapters and fittings
  • Thermal cut-off switch for motor protection