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ProEco Ionizer & UV Clarifier Parts

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ProEco CUV Series Ultraviolet Clarifiers (UVC) are an important part of any filtration system. In the clarification process, water is passed through the UVC chamber and the UVC bulb flocculates (clumps) the microscopic green algae, that are suspended in the water. The flocculated algae can then be captured by a mechanical filter. To ensure clear water the UVC must be properly sized for the filtration system and the correct flow rate must be maintained through the UVC.

ProEco IO Series Ionizers deliver clean, clear, healthy water by electronically releasing metal ions into the water. Ionization will dramatically reduce maintenance on any pond or water feature and is fish and plant safe. The energy efficient electronic controller allows for complete control and adjustment of the ion levels in the water feature. The ionizers use anodes that can be easily replaced and typically last 1 - 3 seasons, depending on water quality and usage. Ionizer can be quickly and easily installed on nearly every pond or water feature.