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Ammonia Remover Contractor Grade - 1 gal

Manufacturer: Aquascape
SKU: 40012
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Ammonia Neutralizer makes pond water safe for fish and plants by detoxifying chloramine and neutralizing large concentrations of toxic ammonia. Each bottle of Contractor Grade Ammonia Neutralizer is 25% more concentrated than the consumer equivalent, making it the ideal choice for discriminating pond professionals.

Contractor Grade Water Treatment 1 Gal container for professional use:

  • 1 gal./3.78 liters
  • 1 scoop treats 6,000 gal./22,680 liters
  • 1 bottle treats 96,000 gal./362,880 liters
  • Makes pond water safe for fish and plants
  • Detoxifies chloramines in tap water
  • Instantly neutralizes large concentrations of toxic ammonia