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AquaBella Large Travertine Fountain Kit

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 Travertine Fountain Kit - Large 30"

Among our many fountains, the Travertine is the most unique. Each limestone piece is cut from living rock, with various layered patterns, cavities, and colors. These eye catching porous fountains allow water to dance across its textured surfaces, filling the area with the pleasant sound of splashing water.

Why choose an Aqua Bella Basalt Fountain? We work direct with the quarries to supply only the highest quality columns to be used as basalt fountains. The base used to support the weight of these dense columns needs to be of the right thickness and be supportive and not cave over time. The Aqua Box basins are the best choice when installing a basalt column fountain.


• Measures approximately 7" x 8" x 30"h
• Includes large molded fountain basin, 798gph pump, plumbing, tubing, and 160lbs of polished pebbles.