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Kasco Marine 1/2 HP Pond Aerator No Float

Manufacturer: Kasco Marine
SKU: 2400A-25, 2400A-50, 2400A-100, 2400A-150, 2400A-200
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Kasco pond aerators dramatically agitate high volumes of water at the surface to maximize exposure of water to the air for valuable gas exchange, greatly improving your pond or lake aeration.

All units can operate in shallow water because of the unique 360° top intake. The Kasco aerators have been designed to minimize intake thrust at any given point. The uninhibited intake means greater flow and electrical efficiency.

Horsepower:  1/2 HP
Voltage:  120 Volts
Amps:  5 Amps
Watts:  600 Watts
Minimum Water Depth:  15"
Warranty:  2 Year Limited