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Kasco Marine 5 HP VFX 3 Phase Display Aerator

Manufacturer: Kasco Marine
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Kasco's VFX Display Aerators produce a pleasing "V" shape pattern while effectively aerating your pond.  Aeration helps stimulate faster bio-degradation of organic waste and allows for larger, healthier fish populations.

Complete With Everything You Need

Control panel with ground fault interrupter and photo-eye for optional light kit, power cord, and mooring ropes.

Industrial Strength

Designed with heavy duty stainless steel components for continuous operation, extended motor life and corrosion prevention even in salt water.


Kasco VFX Display Aerating Display Fountains are designed to operate continuously with minimal maintenance, even in shallow water. They are not likely to clog because of Kasco's deflector technology, prop guard, and standard bottom intake screen.

Why Aerate Your Pond?

Increased circulation and oxygenation of thermal-stratified water helps to stimulate the natural bio-degradation of organic waste, such as grass clippings, leaves and run-off, and pollutants. Oxygen is circulated and absorbed into the water, thereby increasing aerobic decomposition of sunken organic matter. Aeration can help eliminate spring & fall turnover and helps to promote greater densities of fish.

VFX units include:

  • Float with bottom screen
  • Tow 50' mooring ropes
  • Control Box

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Pattern Size:  9' H x 34' W
Horsepower:  5 HP
Voltage:  240 Volts
Amps:  20 Amps
Watts:  4,800 Watts
Minimum Water Depth:  26"
Recommended Pond Size:  Up to 2 Acre
Warranty:  3 Year Limited