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OASE Multi WD 1"

Manufacturer: OASE
SKU: 46980
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OASE Multi WD 1” Designing a beautiful water feature requires attention to detail—each aesthetic and mechanical feature must be individually considered. Building a strong mechanical infrastructure that minimizes maintenance requires the selection of hard-working elements well suited to your artistic vision and logistical design. Choosing the proper water distributor is an important step—and warrants consideration and research. The Multi WD 1” water distributor is equipped with one inlet and three outlets and a stepped hose adaptor. The outlet size is 1” allowing for optimum water flow. The configuration of the Multi WD 1” creates optimal interaction between pump, hose and water outlet. If a double distributor function is required, amend the configuration by placing the sealing cap (included) over one of the outlets, restricting water flow. Creating a beautiful pond that requires minimal maintenance and reconfiguration is predicated on making proper decisions through the design and development phases.

  • For optimal interaction between pump, hose, and water outlet
  • Double distributor function: Use the included sealing cap to completely seal one of the three distributor openings