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OASE Pond Pump 280

Manufacturer: OASE
SKU: 45418
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OASE Pond Pump 280 is quiet, discreet and effective in creating efficient water movement in multiple pond zones. They create water circulation, enabling aeration that nurtures beautiful water gardens and healthy aquatic life. They guard against algae growth and mosquito reproduction. Adjustable flow controls enable flexibility over the flow rate, creating the perfect amount of aeration.

  • Smaller power cord plug size for easier setup
  • Energy efficient
  • Submersible use only
  • Ceramic shaft and bearings
  • Flow rate can be easily adjusted with the adjustable flow control
  • Elegant design with clever operating elements
  • 3 Year Warranty (2 Years + 1 Year Extension upon Product Registration)

Max Flow:  280 GPH
Max Head:  7.8
Watts:  27
Cord Length:  16 ft  
Connection for Hoses:  3/4"  
Dimensions: (L x W x H)  5.82" x 4" x 6.41"
Warranty:  3 Years (2 Years + 1 Year Extension upon Product Registration)

OASE Pond Pump Flow Chart

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