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OASE AquaActiv Barley Pond Clarifier- 18 oz

Manufacturer: OASE
SKU: 45375
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Oase AquaActiv Barley Pond Clarifier:
  • Natural solution to pond maintenance
  • Liquid formula utilizes the traditional method of cleaning murky water with barley
  • down organic loads and fish waste that sink to the bottom of the pond
  • Treats 9,000 gallons
Sparkling ponds provide unparalleled pleasure and impart feelings of tranquility—and using natural solutions to create natural beauty just feels right. Barley Pond Clarifier is a safe and natural solution for pond maintenance. It helps keep pond water clean and clear by minimizing the nutrient load. Barley straw was traditionally used to clear murky water; however, it created debris on the water’s surface through accumulation, compromising the ponds’ appearance and creating an unkempt look. The Barley Pond Clarifier—Step C in the AquaActiv System—utilizes the traditional, natural clear-liquid formula that avoids the unsightly mess. This formula is safe for plant and animal life. Simply use it when pond water is murky, and it will become clean and clear. A 18 oz bottle treats ponds up to 9,000 gallons. This product provides excellent results and is eco-friendly. Water clarity is an essential element of pond beauty, and using a natural, time-honored solution will contribute to a healthy pond ecosystem and a healthy planet.