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OASE AquaActiv Water Clarifier- 18 oz

Manufacturer: OASE
SKU: 45379
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OASE AquaActiv Water Clarifer:
  • Quickly clears murky water
  • Eliminates floating particles and organic matter by flocculation, making them heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the pond
  • Works in tandem with AquaActiv Sludge Remover
  • Treats 1,080 gallons
Sparkling water dazzles, invigorates, and provides a visual aesthetic that demands admiration. Water clarity becomes a barometer for ecosystem health—and is a critical detail in creating visual impact. Restoring the biological balance in your pond is a multi-step process, with worthwhile results. Water Clarifier—Step B in the AquaActiv System—cleans water efficiently by eliminating floating particles and organic matter. The formula works by clumping floating particles together and forcing them to sink. This increases the likelihood the particles will be collected by the filter—before they reach the bottom of the pond. Water clarifier should be added when the water becomes cloudy to restore or create a crystal clear water appearance. This product works in conjunction with the AquaActiv Sludge Remover, which reduces odors, maintains a healthy ecosystem, and improves filter efficiency. Clear, sparkling water creates visual impact and beautifies the surrounding landscape, creating a focal point that imparts tranquility and serenity.